“What Happens When You Hit Rock Bottom” [AUDIO]

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Episode 7 of Season 3: What Happen When You Hit Rock Bottom

Host & Founder: Shaniece M. Wise – Business Expansion Coach & Strategist

Guest: Taren Kinebrew

Today’s episode of Red Lipstick Chronicles: Tips for the Lips of Successful Entrepreneurs, features Taren Kinebrew. Taren is the owner of “Sweet Petites Desserts” in the Over the Rhine neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio. In her own words, OTR is an area still being “re-bottled”. Located near downtown Cincinnati, it is home to lots of small individual businesses.

Let’s dive into Taren’s interview.

I have discovered that the main reason why people cheat is immaturity. I got married very young. I was married to a man who was trying to do all of the right things. He was successful in his career, making money, and taking very good care of home. He was doing his best to do all of the things that he had been taught that a man was supposed to do, but he was a workaholic. He never had time for family, and I have since learned that my love language is time. He was able to give me everything that I wanted except time.

Being a 3rd generation baker, cooking came second nature to me.  My grandmother imparted the love and skill of baking into me as a small child. Although I love to cook, it is a gift that I seldom shared outside of friends and family. Shortly after being was married, and while I was 7 months pregnant, I was laid off from my job at IBM. Being that far along in my pregnancy made it almost impossible for me to search for a new position, so I decided to stay home with my baby. After staying home for two years, I returned to Corporate America in a sales position, which I hated.

During my search for purpose, God spoke to me through a friend. Over dinner one day she said,” You should sell your desserts.”  Being a programmer, I am a numbers person, and in my head those numbers just did not add up. It seemed too extreme, but she was truly the voice of God. I wrestled with that concept for 30 days. During those 30 days, God revealed to me how all of my life’s experiences would be an asset to me in building my business. I developed my plan, wrote my vision, and have not looked back. As an entrepreneur, I knew that I was going to always think about what’s next. I knew I would have to keep things fresh. I knew that I was going to have to offer something that no one else in the city was offering, because people always go to what they know.

My greatest advocate is my husband, Aaron. He is the man that I need to be married to. He allows me to be who I am. I presented my business plan to my husband, and he recognized what I was putting together was legit. The concept of mini desserts was only in larger cities, and not yet in Cincinnati, but through research I learned that people were looking for more health conscious and gluten free options. I knew that I could not look like the other bakers in the city, and I had created my niche market. My bakery would focus on bite size desserts.   “My desserts are less than 150 calories per bite.”

I call Sweet Petite Desserts a family business, even though I am a sole proprietor. My daughter is a creative in her own right. I give her room in the business to use her creativity, learn my work ethic, and earn. My mother is also huge supporter, and also a baker. My family is also supportive. They do not always buy from me, nor do I expect them do, but they do support me, and ever do they come looking for “a hook up.”

Five years ago, I hit rock bottom. Even though I was located less than a half block away from two restaurants, no one would walk to the bakery for dessert, especially during adverse weather. I would go weeks without a customer. After a conversation with my landlord, God moved. My landlord, who is a major stake holder in the revitalization of the Over The Rhine neighborhood, took over my marketing, and started to drive traffic to my bakery. They believed in me to the point that they allowed to me stay in the building for one year totally rent free. They also paid for my utilities for that entire year. That was my defining moment and my sign from God that I was right where I was supposed to be. When you are on the right path, many doors will be opened for you, just be obedient to the instructions that God places in front of you.  That also let me know that there is enough for all of us. There is no need for anyone to covet their neighbors’ dreams.

I have five steps that I take to push past fear:

  1. Define what fear is to you. Fear is not failure, is not always negative, and should not be scary. Fear can also be a warning to protect you. I like to channel fear from a curiosity standpoint. I want to see what is on the other side.
  2. Don’t fear the process. You have to go through something to get somewhere. Embrace the process and learn from it.
  3. Know who you are when you are getting ready to birth something. Do the work to birth the dream, because you know at the end you are going to have something beautiful.
  4. Be sure about what you are doing. Are you trying to work a get rich scheme? A hobby? What is your why? Do your best and allow God to do the rest.
  5. Look at fear as fuel, and not something to stop you.

Once you make a decision, live with it. Don’t carry that dead weight around with you. Let things go. Stay focused to your path. Recognize fear, but always ask why you are here. Deal with it, and keep it moving.

What does Taren do for fun? I enjoy all the date nights. Since my daughter is more independent, my husband and I are like newlyweds again. I also enjoy spending time with other couples. There is nothing like friends, family, and food. I have also increased self-care. I make sure to get my facials, massages, and girlfriend time.  

Taren has also contributed to the book, “Dear Fear, Volume II,” is an anthology. Written with 17 other women, this book touches on every topic imaginable. My chapter is called “Dear Fear, You Cannot Have My Purpose.”  We have to understand our purpose so that we are not all over the place. Lean into God to understand your purpose. Life is a lot easier once you determine your purpose. Ask God to keep you accountable and true.

It is very easy to find me.  I can be found on all forms of social media under Sweet Petite Desserts. I also have a personal Facebook and Instagram page under Taren Kinebrew.

My free offer today…  I have one free, signed copy of my book. I would love to connect with the person who wins this copy to be able to offer judgement free advice on how to work past their fear. To enter into the drawing, just send me an email at taren@sweetpetitedesserts.com

Website is www.sweetpetitdesserts.com

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