Building an Empire While Starting a Family [AUDIO]

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Episode 9 of Season 3: Building an Empire While Starting a Family

Host & Founder: Shaniece M. Wise – Business Expansion Coach & Strategist

Title: Building an Empire While Starting a Family

In this episode of “Red Lipstick Chronicles: Tips from the Lips of Successful Entrepreneurs,” we are talking about Building an Empire While Starting a Family. Our guest today is Mandie Brice.

A Los Angeles transplant, Mandie hails from the Greater Milwaukee Area. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin–Madison with a degree in education, Mandie worked in the Milwaukee Public Schools as a schoolteacher. She then transitioned and worked as a model. After that, Mandie perfected her craft as a makeup artist. “I needed to become a better makeup artist because, as you know, modeling favors youth, but I wanted to stay in the industry as I grew older.” A series of events prematurely took her away from her teaching position, but that transition turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

Mandie states in her podcast, “Bold Moves,” that she encourages women to go after what they love. Everyone can find something that gives them a reason to smile. She especially likes empowering women. Women’s empowerment has always been important to her, but in her current season, there is a greater need. Women everywhere are stepping into their purpose, supporting one another, and not taking a backseat any longer. She believes women are better able to do what we love, and we are good at it.

“Bold Moves” podcast not only gives the business owner a platform to shine and to share what they do, but it also focuses on inspiring the listener. Listeners may hear their own stories in a podcast and realize that if that guest can do it, they can do it as well! The podcast also serves as a way to connect people who need one another to grow.

Owning your business certainly comes with risks. Risk takers take so many risks that after a while, those risks no longer feel like risks but normal activity. My husband and I have made three major relocations recently. We moved from Wisconsin to Northern California, and then a few years later, to Los Angeles. Since I am a makeup artist, every move meant I had to start my business all over again and build a new clientele. To make ends meet, I started doing the same side hustles that I did in college. Passing out food samples in the grocery stores, handing out free T-shirts at concerts, and gigs like that. At first, it made me feel like I was going backward. I did not need a college degree (I am almost done with my master’s) to perform those types of jobs. I felt like a failure until I heard someone say that working a side hustle does not make you a failure. It makes you your own “venture capitalist.”

There are three things that I would suggest you do as you are building an empire while starting a Family:   

  1. Have complete control of your schedule. Find activities that you can do around the schedule of a little one. What can you do while they are napping, or after your husband comes home? You have to master task management and do things on purpose to avoid burnout. Intentionally schedule your self-care time and your time wasters (Facebook scrolling, etc.).
  • Move away from tasks that would require childcare. Be even more intentional about what you are saying yes to. Now, I can take low-paying photo shoots to help build my portfolio, but after we start our family, I will have to make sure that childcare is covered in my fees.
  • Remember the 80/20 rule. Find out which tasks have the greatest impact and also find out which tasks you can outsource. Focus on what is truly bringing in revenue. Invest in quality people who can do those things that are not your strengths and gifts.

If you would like to learn more about Mandie Brice, she can be found at She is also present on all social media platforms at @MandieBrice. Her podcast, “Bold Moves,” can be found at

As a way to stop trading time for dollars, Mandie has created an online makeup course. Through a series of tutorials, she shows how to create several looks, from the “5 minutes before you walk out the door” to “work” to “an evening out.” You can find a look for every woman because Mandie has models that cross all age groups and ethnicities. This makeup course can be found at

Today, Mandie has two gifts she would like to share with the listeners of Red Lipstick Chronicles Podcast. Every person who reaches out to Mandie and mentions that they heard her on Red Lipstick Chronicles will receive:

  1. Makeup Kit Essentials: a list of everything that you need to keep in your makeup kit.
  2. Notes from the recent event, Success Live.


Mandie’s Closing Words . . . Step into your power and own it. Use that knowledge and preparation that you have been hoarding.

You can find at  and you can email her at .

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