7 Tips You Can Use To Grow Your Social Media Platform [AUDIO]

It’s that time again for another episode of “Red Lipstick Chronicles, Tips From The Lips of Successful Entrepreneurs Podcast….

Learn how to Expand You, Your Business and Your Profits!!

Episode 8 of Season 3: 7 Tips You Can Use To Grow Your Social Media Platform

Host & Founder: Shaniece M. Wise – Business Expansion Coach & Strategist

In this episode Shaniece features a Facebook Live training that she trained on in “Branding, Marketing and Selling Strategies with Shaniece” which is her group on Facebook.

Title: 7 Tips You Can Use To Grow Your Social Media Platform

As a business owner you must understand that Social Media is a great platform to grow your business, revenue and profits.

How do I know?

In one year, I grew my revenue to six-figures by strategically using Social Media to create awareness around who I am and what I do.

Today, I want to share with you “7 Tips You Can Use To Grow Your Social Media Platform”.

1.    Set Clear Goals. You must identify why you desire to grow your social media platform and what you desire to achieve, before you do anything. It is important to determine how often you plan on posting. Setting clear goals will give you a purpose and a reason to take action (even when you do not feel like it).

2.    Your Message. As you set your goals, identify what message you want to convey and what solution you are providing your followers. The message is important because it is what attracts your “ideal clients”. This is an area where many business owners fail and as a result, they leave money on the table. The message must be clear and speak the language of those who you desire to work with.

3.    Show Your Expertise. You have now clarified your goals. Next, focus on being consistent and accountable to your goals. People spend money with who they believe in. They must believe in you as the expert in your industry and believe in the solution you provide. This is where consistency must show up and become your best friend. Consistency is huge! Your followers want to see posts, videos, and quotes. Your followers want to see you in action. I recommend you hire someone to attend your events, workshops, and anything that you do that shows your strengths, so they can take pictures and record you in action. Post on Social Media all pictures showing your strengths.

4.    Interact With Your Audience. As you post, make sure you interact with your audience by responding to their comments and their personal posts. Show that you desire to develop relationships. Ask your followers questions; Really listen to their answers; Be compassionate and friendly; Offer friendly advice when asked; Do not be afraid to give away tips that will help them; and show that you know what you are doing.

5.    Show That You Are Human. Your followers also want to see that you are human. Show pictures of you and your family, you vacationing and just enjoying life. You do not have to open your entire life or share intimate details, but at least show that you are a real person. I also advise that you do not share anything that you do not want shared twenty years from now. This is why goal setting is important and being clear about what you want your audience to see.

6.    The Hashtag Game. The purpose of Hashtags is to share content with people who are looking for someone in your profession. Research Hashtags that do not have a lot of posts connected to it. Be strategic! It makes it easier for your content to be seen. Look for hashtags that have under a million posts. Also, post your hashtags in your comments instead of in your descriptions. You want your audience to read what you are teaching or sharing, not focusing on the hashtags you are using.

7.    It Is Not About Selling. Remember it is not about selling, it is about educating. Through sharing who you are, what you do and commenting with great responses, you will have the opportunity to gain new clients. You must learn how to sale through education. It is all about helping your audience find a solution to their problem, and not constantly saying “Buy This”, “Purchase This”, etc. Always focus on teaching and educating consistently and watch how your sales grow.

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