Are You Ready To Share Your Story [AUDIO]

It’s that time again for another episode of “Red Lipstick Chronicles, Tips From The Lips of Successful Entrepreneurs Podcast….

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Episode 10 of Season 3: Are You Ready To Share Your Story

Host & Founder: Shaniece M. Wise – Business Expansion Coach & Strategist

In this episode Shaniece reminds business owners how important it is to remember who you are and how uniquely God created you. It is important to remember that it is up to you to motivate yourself, it is no one else’s responsibility but yours.

Take the time to listen to this episode and be encouraged to continue to push forward no matter what life throws at you, you are meant to thrive and not just survive, as your build the type of business that will change millions.

Are You Ready To Share Your Story?

I believe what the world is missing is people who are determined and willing to step up and step out for their cause. People willing to tell their story. People willing to go out on a limb for what they believe in. Willing to help someone else who may be going through what they are going through. That is what inspired me to write my book, Activating Your Gifts.

I wanted to be able to share the different techniques I used in order to pull myself up from what I thought of as a “valley experience.” I was in a place where I felt like I had been stripped of everything I had. One minute I was on the mountain, and the next minute I blinked, I was in a valley . . . a huge valley. What kept me from staying there was my determination to get out. I was determined not to die in my valley. I could have easily given up on life. I could have easily thrown in the towel. I had to use the techniques I teach about in Activating Your Gifts to climb, to fight, and to pray.

There are many times in life where we fail, and circumstances will try keep us down. There are so many people in the world just allowing life to take them under; allowing their gifts to go to waste and to go untouched. Now more than ever does our world need DETERMINED AND UNSTOPPABLE people willing to stand up and tell their stories. That is why you write, you sing, you speak. If you don’t, your story will never be told, and others will never be blessed by it.

Never give up on your dreams, goals, and your vision. Work hard at it every day no matter what it is. No one ever said life would be perfect or easy. When you fall, you have no choice but to get back up. There is a gift inside of you that needs to be seen, it needs to be heard, and it needs to be delivered.

Today, I give you the permission to be GREAT. Today, I give you the permission to SHINE. Today, I give you the permission to be exactly what God desires for you to be. Today, I give you the permission to be UNSTOPPABLE. Today, I give you the permission to be DETERMINED. Today, I give you permission to TELL YOUR STORY.

10 Characteristics of a Determined Person

1.    A determined person never gives up no matter what

2.    A determined person understands that when they fall,
they MUST get back up to continue their journey

3.    A determined person goes after what they want and they
understand that surviving is not enough, existing is not who they are, but that
thriving is where you are supposed to be

4.    A determined person does not make excuses, and is
convicted when they do

5.    A determined person thinks about the future, their
family, and the legacy they will leave behind, understanding that having at
least four streams of income important

6.    A determined person has a bigger vision for their life
and refuses to be around people who think small

7.    A determined person works hard to lead by example

8. A determined person is cautious about the company they keep        

9.    A determined person understands that change is
inevitable, and they learn how to adapt quickly

10.  A determined person understands that abundance is more than just money; it is an overall reflection of their life and how they live it

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