How To Own Your Power [AUDIO]

It’s that time again for another episode of “Red Lipstick Chronicles, Tips From The Lips of Successful Entrepreneurs Podcast….

Episode 4 of Season 3: How To Own Your Power

Host & Founder: Shaniece M. Wise – Business Expansion Coach & Strategist

Guest: Author Kimberly McLemore

Today’s guest is Author Kimberly McLemore. Hailing from the DC Metropolitan Area, Kimberly wears a lot of hats. Not only is she an award- winning author, she is the Co-Founder and Producer at TALK Radio & TV Network, LLP, and the CEO of Women’s Small Business Initiative, LLC. Kimberly is also, successful in her position of Project Manager for a Washington DC based company.

Author Kimberly has penned two books. “How To Be A Success By Just Being You”, and her memoir, “Deception of the Heart: A Real Look into Domestic Violence”.

Coming from a domestic violence situation, Author Kimberly does not like to use the term survivor. She says, “Living in that situation every day was surviving”. Author Kimberly’s goal is to help other women who have dealt with Domestic Violence move forward. Although October has been designated as Domestic Violence Awareness month, Kimberly wants everyone to remember that Domestic Violence is not a once a year activity. This is something that women are living with daily.

Focusing on these three things has helped Author Kimberly the most, during her hardest times.

  1. Fighting to live another day for herself and for her son.
  2. Not looking in the rear-view mirror. It was important for her focus on the future.
  3. Move away from the constant survival mode.

Author Kimberly has some good tips to share with women who are in, or coming out of domestic situations.

  1. Go through the process. There are steps you must go through in order to process everything that is or has taken place.
  2. Write it down. Put your thought and feelings down on paper. You can one day put these words into a book to help someone else.
  3. Take the legal steps needed to control your abuser.

In conclusion, Author Kimberly encourages all women to, “own your responsibility”.  Get a mentor or have someone help you manage what you have gone through (or going through). You must know who you are, and she challenges you to not say yes to everything. Not every yes, is a good yes. Consistency is key.

As a free gift to all of our listeners, Author Kimberly is giving away a copy of her newest book, “Are you Living or Existing:  Pro’s and Con’s of Balancing Life.”  To obtain your copy, you can reach her at, or she can be found on all social media platforms at Kimberly M. McLemore. Be sure to reference “Red Lipstick Chronicles Podcast”.

Kimberly is the Author of 3 Books:

  • Memoir Deception of the Heart “A Real Look Into Domestic Violence”
  • Are You Living or Existing? Pro’s and Con’s of Balancing Life 
  • How To Be A Success by Just Being You 

Website and Email:

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