Letting Go In Order To Receive Better [AUDIO]

It’s that time again for another episode of “Red Lipstick Chronicles, Tips From The Lips of Successful Entrepreneurs Podcast….

Episode 3 of Season 3: Letting Go In Order To Receive Better

Host & Founder: Shaniece M. Wise – Business Expansion Coach & Strategist

Episode 3 of Season 3 is about your host, Shaniece M. Wise and how I had to let go in order to receive better. I pray you enjoy and do not forget to let me know what you think!

Who I Be….

Shaniece M. Wise-Spencer is a mother, wife, daughter, child of God, and a lover of music. This only scratches the surface of who she is. Shaniece is blessed to be the mother of ten year old son, Brandon Charles. She is also able to live her amazing life with her husband, Stafford “Staff” Spencer. 

My Family…

As a mother, Shaniece’s son keeps her busy.  Not only is he active in sports, he maintains excellent grades and is currently in the gifted and talented program at his school. Shaniece talks with Brandon about what type of business that he would like to start one day.  Being the proactive mom that she is, she has already purchased Brandon’s domain name. She encourages all mothers and wives to purchase their children’s and spouse’s domain names.

As a wife, well, she loves her husband. Shaniece shares that God uniquely designed Staff, just for her. 

My Business, My Career……..

Shaniece is a Certified Business Expansion Coach and Strategist, author of workbook “Activating Your Gifts” and currently working on writing her second book for business owners. She is a Certified Executive Trainer where she goes into companies and corporations teaching Diversity and Inclusion, and leadership and team development. This is the consulting side of her of company. The Business Development is her Coaching Side. The name of Shaniece’s company is Wise, Armstrong and Associates, LLC. Shaniece speaks, does keynotes, and travels around the country teaching at workshops and events.

Shaniece works with businesses owners who ask the question, “what’s next”. They are past the start-up phase; have a few employees and need to up-level their systems and strategies. These business owners are ready to transform, and expand. They are ready to transform their revenue, profits and cash flow. Shaniece calls herself a one stop shop for her clients where she is able to work with them on every area of their business.

How Did I Get Here……

Shaniece is a proud graduate of THE Ohio State University, Max Fisher College of Business. After graduating with two business degrees (one in Marketing and the other in Transportation and Logistics) and being in the top 2 percent of her class, she worked in Pharmaceutical Sales. After spending two years in Corporate, she walked away from her job in order to run her own business.  Shaniece started her successful 16-year journey with Mary Kay Cosmetics as a Top Sales Director. A Top Sales Director in Mary Kay means you are an advanced leader in the company with many accomplishments. Shaniece grew her business, and traveled the country teaching directors and consultants how to grow their businesses as well. Shaniece earned 7 free career cars, 4 of them being Pink Cadillacs, ran a unit with over 200 consultants, and in one year sold over a half-million dollars, worth or products. Shaniece was also featured in Mary Kays marketing materials early on in her career because of her success.

My Transition……

Business owners all over the country were asking her how to help them build their businesses. It was hard trying to help business owners outside of Mary Kay because her business and managing her unit took up so much of her time. After 16 years, and hearing from God, a shift took place. Shaniece stepped down from Directorship and sent her 7th Pink Cadillac back to the company. She gave up her unit, consultants and her entire business to fully develop her coaching firm. It was the end of the road for Shaniece in Mary Kay Cosmetics. She started her coaching firm in 2008 and now she was going to work full time in it and take it to another level. She was no longer limited to who she could help  and now she was building her own brand.

My Why…….

Shaniece’s book was birthed after her transition. She watched many business owners sit on their gifts, and her greatest motivation was her father.  Her father was an excellent stylist. He had the ability to match and coordinate outfits that caused his family and friends to seek out his help. Shaniece’s father never fully acted on his gift, and took it to his grave. It is her life’s desire to never see another person be buried with their gifts untapped. Shaniece’s book is titled, “Activating Your Gifts”, is all about Personal Development. She believes before you can fully develop your business, you must personally development. She believes they both go hand in hand and that is why so many businesses across the country are using “Activating Your Gifts” Workbook.

Shaniece then, invested in a Business Coach because she believes that all business owners need a Coach. She needed someone who could teach her, because she knew a lot. Shaniece needed someone who knew more than her, and could help her expand. Needless to say, the rest is history. Shaniece has a phenomenal Coaching Program and her clients receive results, high level results. They are happy to be in the program and Shaniece is happy to have them. She is very grateful.Give yourself permission to not be “on” at all times, for everyone.

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