5 Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs [AUDIO]

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Episode 5 of Season 3: 5 Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs

Host & Founder: Shaniece M. Wise – Business Expansion Coach & Strategist

In this episode Shaniece features a Facebook Live training that she trained on in “Branding, Marketing and Selling Strategies with Shaniece” which is her group on Facebook.

Title: 5 Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs

Quality 1. Successful entrepreneurs have a solid unmovable, unshakable passion

 This is the type of passion that will weather any type of storm. Life is filled with all kinds of ups and downs, and successful entrepreneurs understand that business will be this way as well.

They know who they, or like I say in my book, Activating Your Gifts, they know Who They Be!

Their businesses become a part of them. They are passionate about what they do and they share it with others. They are excited about what they do, even during their lowest times.

Quality 2. Successful entrepreneurs understand the difference between a growth mindset vs. fixed mindset

A fixed mindset keeps business owners in a box. They blame everything on their surroundings instead of taking full responsibility for what happens. They always have excuses on why they can’t instead of why they can.

A growth mindset looks at the opportunities and they take responsibly for the results. They are always open to the possibility. They take advice from others and they are clear to not take advice from people they would not switch places with. They understand that they need someone coaching and/or mentoring them that is doing better than they are.

A growth mindset understands that if something does not go right the first time, then they must figure out what they need to do better the next time. They are always open to the opportunities.

Quality 3. Successful entrepreneurs desire to be the expert

The goal is to be the expert. They understand the importance of their ideal clients connecting to them and wanting to be in their space. They understand that they must grow and invest in themselves in order to be the expert. Success entrepreneurs attend workshops, takes classes and invest in their personal development.

Quality 4. Successful entrepreneurs are clear about their goals and desires

They are not looking to the left or the right, but they are looking straight ahead and up. They understand that they are only competing with themselves.

Quality 5. Successful entrepreneurs are clear about creating multiples sources of Income

The reason why some entrepreneurs fail is because they do not have different branches of income coming in at once. For example, take a look at Tyler Perry. He has many branches of income. One branch is producing movies, another is TV, another is plays, and he has his own studio.

Successful entrepreneurs understand that they cannot just have one area of income coming in, they understand the importance of diversification.

Successful entrepreneurs never get complacent, because they have the mindset of a millionaire; to serve others; and to take care of their families.

Being a successful entrepreneur is a life style choice, that is worked on daily.

5 Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs

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