Red Lipstick Chronicles: Tips From The Lips of Successful Entrepreneurs features entrepreneurs all around our world who are successfully growing their businesses and using their platforms to transform other people’s life with their gifts.

Red Lipstick Chronicles is produced to give entrepreneurs hope to expand their businesses to generate higher visibility and profit. Hosted by Shaniece M. Wise, Business Expansion Coach & Strategist, each episode will show entrepreneurs that they are not alone by featuring resilient business owners that have transcended above adversity, life situations and circumstances that could have potentially caused them to give up on their business and life. These same entrepreneurs were able develop skills to be UNSTOPPABLE and now they are thriving in their businesses. Life throws many curve balls at us and sometimes all we need to hear is that someone else has been through what we are going through or went through and they are were able to come out of it. The tips given from the lips of the entrepreneurs interviewed, are meant to encourage, inspire and activate advancement.

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70% Women

Ages 18 – 60
Entrepreneurs, Leaders,
Visionaries, Professionals

30% Male

Ages 18 – 60
Entrepreneurs, Leaders,
Visionaries, Professionals

Audience Interests

Entrepreneurship, Business Development, Motivation, Inspiration, Self-Help


Top Listener Locations

Ohio (Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Mansfield, Akron) Arizona (Phoenix, Chandler)Alabama (Birmingham, Huntsville) Georgia (Atlanta, Columbus) New York
(New York City)


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